Stop School Children Using Sir and Miss Because it’s Sexist

by Editor | May 14, 2014 5:05 am

STOP SCHOOL CHILDREN USING SIR AND MISS BECAUSE IT’S SEXIST – No, this is serious; an emeritus professor of English Language and Linguistics, Professor Jennifer Coates, at Roehampton University, has called for the traditional titles of ‘Sir’ and ‘Miss’ to be banished from schools to prevent sexist views taking root among pupils, according to the Daily Mail.

The issues of feminism and equality in our view are simply perpetrated among the most self hating misogynists in society.

The very idea that using ‘Sir’ or ‘Miss’ to be in any way demeaning to one’s sexuality or ability to undertake a task is mind bogglingly moronic.

I once listened to a statement that declared that academics are the only real smart people who lack any common sense and it’s not unacceptable to take such a view when an eminent professor engages in what is little more than social stupidity.

Why can’t people simply accept the fact that men and women are fundamentally different; we all have differing skills and certainly there are some things a man can do that a woman cannot and vice versa.

Feminism, along with other social ‘isms’ (racism, fascism etc.) in society are unquestionably the perpetrators of division in that each argues a particular case with the sole remit of dividing society.

Why can we simply not accept we are all different? I am superior to anyone else on the planet; I can say this with utter confidence for I am unique, there is not another like me nor will there be again… we are all superior in our own ways and each of us has something to contribute.

Once we can understand and dare I say appreciate this fact then at that point we should be able to put aside our petty differences and moves to force others to comply with our ideology and finally bring society together by a simple show of respect for everyone’s unique and individual abilities.

For all you feminists; watch the video below for creator and narrator of this video, Tammy Bruce, was once a staunch advocate for feminists but now fully realises the damage it has done; not only to society but to women’s rights as a whole.

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