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Student Invents Stain Resistant T-shirt

Student Invents Stain Resistant T-shirt

STUDENT INVENTS STAIN RESISTANT T-SHIRT – According to Aamir Patel, he has developed a stain resistant T-shirt by introducing ‘Silica’ into polyester fibres which can effectively repel almost any liquid that is poured onto it, including Cola or even red wine.

Aamir Patel claims that the polyester material combined with Silic includes billions of silica particles that bond to the polyester fibres on a microscopic level.

Aamir Patel is now attempting to launch his product line through, a well known crowd funding websites in which members of the public can donate cash in order to help a product get off the ground.

Aamir Patel states that this is in fact genuine and not some type of spoof and that the T-shirts will be able for sale by May 2014 at a cost of approximately £30 each.

Silic T-shirt

Due to the composition and manufacture of these T-shirts, they cannot be washed using fabric softeners, washed with any type of bleach, must never be washed with other colours and should never be dry-cleaned.

The T-shirts, according to Aamir Patel, also require no form of ironing and to reactivate the water repellant properties simply requires a run through the tumble dryer on low heat once every three washes.

Aamir Patel, a University student from San Francisco has produced a prototype and video showing the qualities and attributes of his creation in which he also declares that they feel and wear the same as any other T-shirt available on the market – except of course, his T-shirts repel liquids.

It certainly appears that Aamir Patel is on to something big and this could mean the end to having to worry about getting your drink spilled on you during a night out.

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