Syrian Jihadists Using Twitter to Recruit Foreign Fighters

CNN – Syrian jihadists; it starts with a tweet. The recruit has been slowly and carefully chosen from his local community — perhaps at a mosque, or gym, or cafe — by an al Qaeda recruiter, aiming to send a Westerner to fight alongside radicals in Syria.

According to a defector from the ranks of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) — whose stronghold in the Syrian town of Raqqa punishes smokers and insists women wear a veil — the jihadist group runs a series of internet welcome chat groups to begin the process of indoctrinating and filtering potential recruits from outside Syria.

The defector agreed to an interview with CNN but wanted to hide his identity, but his story was ratified by a witness and his extensive knowledge of life inside Syria under the ISIS. He fled Syria when two of his relatives were killed in the violence, and is now hiding in Turkey. He said that European recruits were more sought after and treated in a different class by the recruiters.

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  • razer

    I say let them go but they have to relinquish their citizenship. After Syria they can go kill Suni if they happen to be Shia or if they are Shia they can go kill Suni. They have unlimited opportunity for martyrdom in that part of the world.