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Syrian Terrorists Vow to Attack Britain

Syrian Terrorists Vow to Attack Britain

SYRIAN TERRORISTS VOW TO ATTACK BRITAIN – Here’s the crux of the matter. For starters David Cameron and notably others, along with Tony Blair the so-call UN Peace Envoy for Middle East (yes I know the appointment was more than offensive) decided to engage upon missile strikes against the Bashar Al Assad Syrian Government.

With public outrage and the lack of evidence that Assad was indeed responsible for the chemical weapons attack on Syrian nationals the British Government then failed to garner sufficient votes in the House of Commons to undertake such action.

The British people relaxed with a breath of relief for after being subjected to Tony Blair’s war in Iraq for over a decade the last thing the British public wanted was to get into yet another protracted conflict which can never be resolved.

Within days of the Commons decision the U.S media took to berating the UK for its lack of spine but such comments were not the consensus of the American people for they too felt exactly the same and with the U.S economy in tatters and its national debt rapidly approaching $18 trillion it was obvious another costly conflict in the Middle East wasn’t going to produce any tangible results.

It could have been viewed, and indeed was from some quarters, that military engagement was the righteous and noble thing to do in order to prevent more innocent Syrian lives being lost.

Fortunately there remains a modicum of sanity within Government for the majority pointed out that bombing a nation will ultimately result in the loss of innocent life and even if one life was lost as a result then such action could never be seen as either righteous or noble.

The Syrian Civil War continues to rage but the element of terrorist groups have entered the affray and as a result a number of British home-grown jihadists have travelled to Syria in order to fight alongside their Al Qaeda counterparts in order bring down Assad.

The situation is clear in that either Syria ends up with a ruthless dictator or a dictator with terrorist connections; neither will be beneficial to the Syrian people and as things currently stand it’s likely this war is going to be continuously debated and fought for years to come.

The problem the UK faces now is the ‘home-grown’ terrorists for they have now vowed to return to Britain and attack financial institutions and public transport.

It appears that the terrorists really don’t know what they want… that is they are demanding British troops pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan but now appear somewhat irate that the British are not involved in the attempt to unseat Assad.

British Jihadist Terrorists in Syria

Image Above – Brothers Mohamed (left) and Akram Sebah (right), from Holloway, North London, were killed waging jihad in Syria

Intelligence services are stating that these terrorist strikes, if they emerge, will be the first of their kind from Syria; currently the intelligence services are aware of hundreds of British citizens who have joined terrorist groups in Syria.

A recent report from James Clapper, the head of US Intelligence, stated that Al Qaeda has set up a number of training camps in Syria with the sole purpose of training foreign recruits to undertake jihadist terrorist attacks upon returning to the UK.

Recently a number of threats have been made online by the Rayat Al-Tawheed group, a British jihadist faction in Syria; each talks of striking key targets in the UK including the public transportation system… see the posters below.

Jihadist Threats of Terrorism - Image 4

Jihadist Threats of Terrorism - Image 3

Image Above – Even the U.S has received threats of terrorist related plots from home-grown terrorists. 

Jihadist Threats of Terrorism - Image 2

Jihadist Threats of Terrorism - Image 1

Once again the British public are being subjected to acts of terrorism and maybe it’s time the authorities took action and here’s the possible solutions.

For starters each and every British national that travelled to Syria with the intent of fighting alongside known terrorist organisations should have their citizenship revoked; such a move should receive no interference from either the Human Rights Act 1998 or the European Convention on Human Rights.

The second stage should be the reinstatement of the death penalty for anyone engaging, attempting to engage or being involved in any terrorist related activity; this should be extended to those who harbour or attempt to aid terrorists.

The third stage would be a complete withdrawal of all British troops and civilian personnel from the Middle East; such a move would allow the Muslims to simply get on with their lot and without our expertise or finance.

The fourth stage should be that we finally acknowledge that we are indeed at war with terrorist organisations and therefore our intelligence services and armed forces should be deployed in order to hunt down, capture or kill known terrorists.  It’s time the terrorists were treated as enemy combatants and not some cultural minority with a religious grudge with the notion that they can be reasoned with or dare we say rehabilitated.

The alternative is to do nothing and sit back and let these religious nut jobs continue to terrorise and murder innocent people. The question remains… do we continue to take the liberal approach and attempt to negotiate with the religious zealots or do we defend ourselves, our liberty and way of life?

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Syrian Terrorists Vow to Attack Britain