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Syrians to be Given Refuge in Britain as Nick Clegg Brokers Deal

Syrians to be Given Refuge in Britain as Nick Clegg Brokers Deal

SYRIANS TO BE GIVEN REFUGE IN BRITAIN AS NICK CLEGG BROKERS DEAL – The British Government are in a precarious situation regarding the on-going civil war in Syria.

We now know bombing Syria in order to unseat Syria’s dictator Bashar Al Assad is not the solution, for doing so would unquestionably remove a dictator only to be replaced with members of Al Qaeda – the scenario remains the same; would the west rather see a dictator in power or a known terrorist organisation.

The quandary here is that neither Bashar Al Assad nor Al Qaeda is going to offer the people of Syria any form of democracy and will continue to suppress through Islamic religious ideology and murdering innocent men, women and children who refuse to comply with the indoctrination of their regime.

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Last night Nick Clegg brokered a deal in which hundreds of highly vulnerable victims of the conflict will be able to seek refuge in Britain.

After weeks of negotiation within the Coalition Government an agreement has been reached so that children and the disabled will be permitted to enter Britain in order to avoid the on-going violence.

According to Nick Clegg, precedence will be provided to the most extreme cases such as women and children who are at risk from sexual abuse, the elderly, survivors of torture and the disabled.

Nick Clegg, leader of the Liberal Democrat Party and Deputy Prime Minister announced that Britain had a ‘moral responsibility’ and it must help those at risk.  According to Mr. Clegg some 100,000 people have already been killed in the conflict to date and many millions have been displaced.

Whilst it might be Nick Clegg who has taken centre stage in pushing for a deal his views were also supported by all the other political parties in order to find a solution to offering sanctuary to those most in need.

Current figures of displaced Syrian citizens stands at 11.5 million people; all of whom have fled to neighbouring countries in order to escape the escalating atrocities perpetrated by Assad’s Army and the Syrian Rebels.

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With the increasing insurgency of known terrorist organisations infiltrating the rank and file of the rebels, this has only resulted in an escalation in violence therefore putting even larger numbers of civilians at risk.

The Prime Minister has however shown reservations due to a number of objections by the Home Office over allowing Syrians to enter the UK under refugee status.

Regardless to the issues, these have finally been overcome but the agreement comes without Britain joining the United Nations quota system which will effectively allow Britain to pick and choose which Syrians are permitted refugee status.

Recently the United Nations High Commission for Refugees called upon all Western nations to admit some 30,000 Syrian’s between them but some politicians, including Britain’s Immigration Minister Mark Harper said that the system simply provides a ‘token relief’.

To date Britain has handed over some £600 million in aid in order to help Syrian refuges; Britain remains the largest bilateral donor.

There can be little arguing that Britain should provide as much assistance as possible for it is the right, noble and moral thing to do but as yet nobody is able to provide any answer on how much longer the Syrian civil war will continue to rage nor how Britain will deal with the refugees once the war comes to an end.

It is unlikely that Britain would send home any Syrian refugee if they wanted permanent residency for the result of this war will either see Bashar Al Assad remaining in power and therefore suppressing the rights of Syria’s citizens or Al Qaeda will unseat Bashar and they will then rule with a rod of iron under the pretext of Islamic Law.

Either way, sending or deporting Syrian refugees will be seen as an inhumane act and therefore cannot and will not transpire.

Certainly what has been suggested is the right thing to do and considering the numbers are to be restricted to the most vulnerable then there is no reason why Britain cannot absorb such numbers into society without causing any real social issues.

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Syrians to be Given Refuge in Britain