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African Safari – 8 Major Safari Countries

The 8 major safari countries: Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Botswana, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe) with spectacular wildlife encounters and breathless scenic beauty. An African safari is a truly fascinating and adventures experience.

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Foreign Aid Cash Squandered on Kenyan Graffiti Project

Yet more foreign aid cash provided by the taxpayer is being squandered. This time the DFID attempt to justify spending £6.7 million on a graffiti program in Kenya as this allows them to bring their government to account.

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BBC Accused of Shying Away from the Truth Over Westgate Massacre

The BBC has been accused by the Daily Mail and Government figures of shying away from the truth over the Westgate massacre in Kenya. The issue revolves around the use of the word ‘militants’ rather than using the word ‘terrorists’.

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UK to STOP Foreign Aid Handouts to South Africa

Justine Greening, head of the Department of International Development announces UK to stop foreign aid handouts to South Africa; but the DfID will still be wasting billions of taxpayers’ money elsewhere.

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