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Anonymous Declare War on Al-Qaeda Over Charlie Hebdo Murders

Hacktivist group Anonymous have posted a chilling video on YouTube dubbed #OpCharlieHebdo declaring revenge on Al-Qaeda and ISIS for the murders of 12 people at Charlie Hebdo.

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Syrian Jihadists Using Twitter to Recruit Foreign Fighters

CNN – Syrian jihadists; it starts with a tweet. The recruit has been slowly and carefully chosen from his local community — perhaps at a mosque, or gym, or cafe — by an al Qaeda recruiter, aiming to send a Westerner to fight alongside radicals in Syria.

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Al Qaeda Suspected in the Loss of Flight MH370 – Suspects Arrested

The mystery surrounding Flight MH370 remains perplexing but it has now been announced that 11 Al Qaeda suspects have been arrested and questioned over their involvement of missing Flight MH370.

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