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Syrian Jihadists Using Twitter to Recruit Foreign Fighters

CNN – Syrian jihadists; it starts with a tweet. The recruit has been slowly and carefully chosen from his local community — perhaps at a mosque, or gym, or cafe — by an al Qaeda recruiter, aiming to send a Westerner to fight alongside radicals in Syria.

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Al Qaeda Suspected in the Loss of Flight MH370 – Suspects Arrested

The mystery surrounding Flight MH370 remains perplexing but it has now been announced that 11 Al Qaeda suspects have been arrested and questioned over their involvement of missing Flight MH370.

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Former Public Schoolboy Joins Al Qaeda to Fight in Syrian War

News reports of a public schoolboy joining Al Qaeda to fight in Syria is yet another known case of such an event. Here we explore the situation and whether the war on terror can ever truly be won in our currently politically correct ideologies.

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Syrian Rebels Warn Syria Could Fall to Jihadist Terrorists

Syrian rebels are now warning western governments that Syria could fall to jihadist terrorist groups after a number of Syrian rebels have left to join know terrorists groups such as Al Qaeda.

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Syrian Rebels Filmed Executing Syrian Troops

WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO: Syrian rebels have been filmed executing Syrian troops which again casts doubt over the morality of missile strikes against Syria in order to unseat Bashar al-Assad.

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Worldwide Terror Threat After Mass Al Qaeda Jail Breakouts

Over 1,500 terrorist have escaped in mass Al Qaeda Jail Breakouts across the Middle East prompting Western Governments to close embassies or put them on high alert.

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Threat of Increased Al Qaeda Terrorism in the UK

The Deputy Assistant Commissioner, Stuart Osborne, of the Counter-Terrorist Unit, has reported that its team managed to foil Al Qaeda terrorist plots, similar to the size of the 7/7 each year and the threat is growing as terrorist groups and now splitting into small units to carry out acts of terrorism and murder British citizens.

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Al Qaeda Shop Window Notice

A notice was recently posted in a Shop Window, in Scotland, informing it’s customers they would rather do business with Al Qaeda Terrorist. Read on.

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