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10 Year Old Blows America’s Got Talent Judges Away

You’ve either got talent or you haven’t; there’s really no middle ground. In the case of 10 year old Anna Christine, she certainly has got talent and simply blows the New York panel of judges on America’s Got Talent away.

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America’s Got Talent: Round One of Eliminations

America’s Got Talent is now at Round One of the eliminations. Who will stay to go onto the next round and who will be told to pack their bags? Find out.

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Does America Have Talent?

A disappointing Week 3 on America’s Got Talent which leaves me asking the question… Does America Have Talent?

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America’s Got Talent-Week Two

America’s Got Talent – Week two featured some amazing talent from across the United States and this weeks America’s Got Talent was joy to watch. Here’s some of the featured acts.

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Opening Show of America’s Got Talent

A great opening show for all you fans of America’s Got Talent. As usual we had the good, the bad and the outstanding and this seasons addition of America’s Got Talent got off to a great start.

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