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Islamophobia: Are we all Mentally Ill?

Islamophobia, it’s just a made up word that attempts to silence the masses for it’s use is attempting to keep us silent for fear of being labelled mentally ill and racists. It is however a term that is attempting to kill democracy.

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Islamic Fundamentalists Call for Holy War in Syria

Islamic fundamentalists in Britain, including Anjem Choudary and his 16 year old daughter Hediyah Mehraj, are calling for a Holy War in Syria in order to install the law of Allah and bring about peace.

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Are WE Responsible for Fueling Islamic Terrorism in the UK?

We explore the idea that WE are responsible for fueling Islamic terrorism in the UK because we simply refuse to identify the true nature of terrorism.

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Hate Preachers Facing TV and Internet Ban to Stem the Tide of Terrorism

Home Secretary Theresa May is proposing sweeping changes in the law where hate preachers would be banned from TV and the Internet in order to stem the tide of terrorism in the UK.

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How Many Times Must We Suffer at the Hands of Islamic Terrorists?

Each day we are threatened by Islamic Terrorists and the question is how many more times must innocent people be murdered by Islamic Terrors before we finally say enough is enough?

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Anjem Choudary Talks About Woolwich Islamic Extremist Murderer Michael Adebolajo

Anjem Choudary once again defends the actions of Islamic Terrorists and in particular Michael Adebolajo the Islamic terrorist who murdered Lee Rigby in Woolwich.

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