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Sudan Agrees to Free Meriam Yahya Ibrahim

BBC – Sudanese authorities are to free Meriam Yahya Ibrahim who was sentenced to death for having abandoned the Islamic faith, a foreign ministry official says.

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Mariam Yahya Ibrahim Ishag Shackled Awaiting Execution

DAILY MAIL – A U.S. citizen, who rushed to his native Sudan to save his pregnant wife from the death sentence, described his horror at seeing her shackled in a prison cell with their toddler son. Meriam Yahya Ibrahim Ishag, 27, was charged with adultery for marrying Christian Daniel Wani, a Sudanese man with U.S. citizenship who lives in New Hampshire.

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Sudanese Woman Found Guilty of Apostasy Sentenced to Death

DAILY MAIL – Mariam Yahya Ibrahim, a Sudanese woman has been sentenced to 100 lashed and then hanging apostasy. The move by a Islamic court has caused outrage around the world from human rights groups.

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Should Islam be Outlawed in Britain?

Should the religious of Islam be outlawed in Britain? Here we argue the case of humanity, democracy against a religion that clearly holds no value in such western principles.

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