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Tag "Bashar al-Assad"

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Syrian Crisis – What You Are NOT Being Told

In this video it looks at the Syrian Crisis, the way the US and NATO pointed the finger at Bashar Al-Assad for the use of chemical weapons on innocent men, women and children; however this video goes further stating that both the US and NATO were merely attempting to frame Bashar Al-Assad.

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Syrian Presidential Elections Begin

BBC – Voting is due to get under way in Syria’s presidential election amid heightened security. The poll takes place three years into a civil war in which tens of thousands of people have died and millions more are displaced.

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Russia and China Unite to Block UN War Crimes Investigation Against Assad

DAILY MAIL – Russia and China have united to block a UN investigation into Assad’s war crimes in Syria. The two countries today vetoed a U.N. Security Council resolution referring the Syrian crisis to the International Criminal Court for investigation of possible war crimes.

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UN Declares Syrian Dictator IS Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity

Ban Ki-Moon, the United Nations Secretary-General declares Syrian dictator is guilty of crimes against humanity.

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Putin Vows to Aid Syria if US Attacks

Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has vowed, during the G20 summit, to aid Syria if the U.S or its coalition forces engage in missile strikes against the regime.

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President Obama Given 90 Days to Deal with Syria

President Obama has been give 90 day by the Upper House to deal with Syria. The attack comes with a number of conditions including no U.S ground troops must be allowed in Syria.

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Assad Challenges West to Provide Evidence His Troops Used Chemical Weapons

In an interview with Le Figaro newspaper Assad challenges west to provide evidence that Syrian troops were responsible for the use of chemical weapons on 21 August 2013.

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US Claims Proof Assad Used Chemical Weapons

The US claims proof Assad used chemical weapons on the people of Damascus last week as blood and hair samples proved positive for sarin gas. However is this really proof enough?

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Still No Evidence Assad Regime Responsible for Using Chemical Weapons but America Poising to Strike

The U.S and British are now poised to take military action against the Assad regime but both Russia and Iran are adamant that UN weapons inspectors must be allowed to fully complete an investigation prior to any western military intervention.

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Should the West Intervene in Syria?

With the latest chemical weapons attack in Syria, resulting in the deaths of over 1,700 civilians, many who were children, should the west intervene in Syria?

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