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Tag "Bigotry"

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UKIP Jumps to 38 Per Cent in the Latest Polls

UKIP is once again being attacked by the opposition as details reveal one of its financial donors has some rather draconian views. Here we ask if the Tories, Labour or the Liberal Democrats have anything of substance or will simply continue with their slur campaigns as UKIP continues to rise in the polls.

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UKIP MEP Speaks Out and is Immediately Called a Racist

UKIP MEP, Godfrey Bloom, has been lambasted a racist and a bigot over his views that the British taxpayer shouldn’t be wasting billions on foreign aid.

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The Truth Behind Political Correctness

Political correctness now dominates Western society in order to bring about social and community cohesion. But has political correctness achieved this goal or is it further dividing people and communities?

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Pat Condell Talks About Blaming the Jews

In this article and video with examine the Jews and Anti-Semitism and why blaming the Jews appears to the fashionable religious and political view.

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UKIP Councillor to Step Down Over Islamic Rant

UKIP Councillor Eric Kitson is about to step down after just two weeks in office over an Islamic Rant. Is he guilty of racism or our xenophobic attitude to being labeled racists.

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If You Do Not Support the Liberal Left-Wing View then Please Shut Up

It appears the more we try to voice our concerns the Liberal Left-Wing steps in and tells us to ‘Shut Up’. Will you conform to their policies or should we all have a voice?

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Are We Racists for Wanting to Talk Openly About Immigration?

Why can we not talk openly about immigration? This is not about being a racist, this has nothing to do with the colour of a persons skin, it is simply about whether we can integrate in harmony.

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British Woman Rants at Foreigners in Hospital Waiting Room

Yet another incident of immigrant tension as a British Woman Rants at Foreigners in a hospital waiting room. Right or wrong this is the voice of the taxpayer and they are sick and tired of immigrants living off their hard work.

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