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Tag "Boston Marathon Bombing"

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Boston Marathon Bombing: Was it a False Flag Event?

What happened at the Boston Marathon Bombing? Was this another false flag event? Was there any connection with 9/11? What did the flooding in New Orleans have in common with this attack? Why should every American Citizen be very concerned? Watch the video to find out what actually happened.

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United State Homeland Security WARNED of Imminent Attack by Tsarnaev Brothers

Details have surface that the US Department of Homeland Security was warned of an imminent attack in a letter sent to them by Saudi security officials but this is being denied by the White House.

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The Boston Bombing: Is There A Saudi Islamic Connection?

Was a Saudi Islamic behind the Boston Bombing? Radio host Glenn Beck looks at some interesting information that the authorities refuse to talk about.

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Boston Marathon Bomber Now Talking to Federal Authorities

The Federal Authorities are now questioning the suspected Boston Marathon Bomber in order to discover more about their plot and other terrorist cells within the U.S.

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What Truths Are Hiding Behind The Boston Marathon Bombing?

How much information was the public given on the Boston Marathon Bombing and are the authorities hiding something? This article attempts to explore some truths behind the Boston Marathon Bombing.

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Boston Marathon Bomb Brothers and the Al Qaeda Connection

Speculation is running wild as to whether the Boston Marathon bomb brothers are connected to Muslim Terrorist groups, such as Al Qaeda. Evidence already suggest this could be the case.

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Manhunt for Boston Bomber Continues

The manhunt for the second Boston bomber continues after police shoot out that claims the life of one of the bombers.

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Boston Marathon Bombers Suspect Caught

Reports announce that one of the Boston Marathon bombers has been caught after a police shootout. The suspect is now in custody with the other one on the run after escaping in the shootout.

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FBI Release Images of Suspected Boston Marathon Bombers

The FBI release Images of Suspected Boston Marathon Bombers in hopes of getting the public to help identify those they want question in connection with the bombings earlier this week.

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Boston Marathon Bombing – Time for a Nation to Heal

After the Boston Marathon Bombing is it time for a nation to heal and once again Americans across the nation grieve and united in that grief in the hopes of healing the terrible wounds inflicted upon them.

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