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European Union: A Move Towards a Totalitarian Super State

The European Union has become the bane of our existence; it’s continuous law making and forcing member states to provide even more money to prop it up is causing deep concern. Here we examine the dangers associated with membership in the European Union.

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EU Plans to Strip Britain of its Legal Rights

The EU plans to strip Britain of its legal rights in an audacious master plan to create a unified Federal Europe. Such a move would prevent Britain from dispensing British justice and will allow the EU and non-elected commissioners full control.

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Brussels Takes Another Step Forward in Removing the British Identity

Brussels moves in on changing Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates in its next move to removing the British identity and as usual there is nothing we can do to stop it.

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Troubles Escalate Over Gibraltar

Once again the Spanish Government are rattling their sabre over the issue of Gibraltar’s sovereignty. Should the British Government lay down the law and close this issue for once and for all?

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