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Brussels Jewish Murderer Caught on Video

CNN – Images from the Jewish Museum of Belgium show the gunman behind Saturday’s deadly attack approaching the building, opening fire, and walking away.

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Attack on Jewish Museum Kills Three

THE GUARDIAN – Fears of a resurgence in violent anti-Semitism were raised after an attack at a Jewish museum in the centre of Brussels on Saturday left three people dead and one badly injured.

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EU Trade Benefits are Pure Fantasy and Lies

A new report has been release which clearly dispels the current Government mantra that EU trade is the life-blood of Britain. Here the myth of how good EU trade is unenvied and in the video you’ll see that Brussels is little more than a crime syndicate.

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Voters DO Want an EU Referendum in 2014

Despite David Cameron’s furious reaction to Adam Afriyie attempting to force a vote on an EU Referendum in 2014, the public and a majority of MPs are backing the vote which could well bring about an EU Referendum in 2014.

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Brussels Firmly Set to Steal from Savings Accounts

As the Cyprus banking crisis deepens Brussels has announced a bailout package that clearly involves stealing from savers accounts in order to stave off bankruptcy.

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Gang Get Away with $50 million in Diamonds at Brussels Airport

In what has been termed as one of the most daring raids in history a group of armed robbers get away with $50 million in Diamonds at Brussels Airport. VIDEO

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