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Sir Richard Branson Debates Future of UK Business with Leading Brands and Start-Ups

STARTUPS – Social media-integrated shop mirrors, changes to our food chains, and 3D printed clothes are just some of the “visions” of the future of UK business, according to a discussion by entrepreneurs and start-ups at the Vision 30/30 event led by Sir Richard Branson and Virgin Media Business today.

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Crowdfunding: How Easy is it to Raise Money for a Start Up?

One of the biggest barriers to getting a business off the ground is raising sufficient start up capital. Here we provide some tips on crowfunding as this has become a very popular way to raise money for fledgling businesses.

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Forming a Great Business Idea

Some of the greatest business ideas are conjured up in an instant but that doesn’t mean they are instantly usable. Here we look at how business ideas are formulated; some taking years to development into a workable business model.

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A Better System Through Free Enterprise

Free enterprise is it moral to create something that can bring you vast wealth and should the rich really be taxed more to distribute the wealth to the poor?

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Giving Start Up Businesses a Hand Up

Are you just starting out with your new website? Here’s an opportunity, free from meebal.com, that might just help by giving start up businesses a hand up with some completely free promotion.

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Realities of Starting a Business

Thinking about starting your own business. There are many considerations but here’s a look on the realities of starting your own business.

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