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What’s Your Start Up Needs?

What does your Start Up business need? Here we look to those considering starting up a business in order to see what is important to their needs when getting a new business off the ground.

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Do You Pass the Israel Test?

Would you believe us if we said that the best litmus test of any society’s success is its attitude towards Israel? Well, it’s true.

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Four Horsemen – How the World Really Works

Four Horsemen is an award winning independent feature documentary which lifts the lid on how the world really works.

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Secrets of the Rothschilds

In this short video it reveals some of the extent of the Rothschilds reaches into everyone’s daily life with its interests in media, banking and ultimately the control of money worldwide.

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Government Unions Bankrupting America

In this video, Daniel DiSalvo exposes how these Government unions have created cartels with their political allies, mostly in the Democratic Party, to the detriment of the taxpaying public.

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Market Economies Working Together for the Greater Good

Many believe that market economies create a dog eat dog environment full of human conflict and struggle. To Prof. Aeon Skoble, the competition in markets does not create conflict, but rather, encourages people to cooperate with one another for mutual benefit.

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