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Chilcot Inquiry: Will We Ever Know the Truth About Tony Blair’s Involvement in the Iraqi War?

Chilcot Inquiry… once again it’s been buried, this time over fears it will taint the up and coming 2015 General Election. It is unlikely the public will ever know the truth and here we explain why Tony Blair will never be held accountable for the Iraqi War.

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Chilcot Inquiry on Iraq War sees Progress

Chilcot Inquiry – According to inside sources the Chilcot inquiry covering the Iraq War will progress again as Sir Jeremy Heywood does a u-turn to allow hundreds of documents to be publicly examined.

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Blair and Cameron Plot to Censor Iraq Inquiry

David Owen, former Foreign Secretary, has accused David Cameron on colluding with Tony Blair in order to censor the Iraq Inquiry that could show that the war on Iraq was illegal.

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