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Coalition Government is Evil Declares Archbishop of Canterbury

A Coalition Government is evil … that’s according to Justin Welby the Archbishop of Canterbury. Here one readers asks whether the Church should have a right to interfere in politics.

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Labour Uses Nick Clegg Broken Promises in New Campaign Ad

The Labour Party has released a new campaign advertisement featuring Nick Clegg and one where he talks about broken promises. Such a message is set to resonate with the British electorate.

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You Would Laugh if it wasn’t so Tragic for Britain

Once again we see just how divided the Coalition has become and why Britain’s most pressing issues have never truly been addressed. This would be so funny if it wasn’t so tragic for Britain.

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Coalition Government to Call for Extended Break Due to the Lack of Laws to Debate

The Coalition Government is now planning on taking an extra 19 days leave due to the lack of issues to debate in the House of Commons leading up to the Opening of Parliament. This might appear ridiculous until you consider that most of Britain’s laws are now in fact created by the EU, thus giving our politicians little to do.

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Nick Clegg Eyes Up Another Term as Deputy Prime Minister

Nick Clegg remains adamant that the Liberal Democrats won’t prop up either the Tories or Labour if they fail to secure a majority victory in the next General Election. If either want his support he will accept nothing less than another Coalition Government.

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