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Tax Fairness: Thinking the Rich Should Pay More Tax is Ludicrous

WATCH – Tax is probably the bane of everyone’s existence but is it fair to tax the rich more just because of their wealth? Here we dispel the myth that taxing the rich higher is a good idea.

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Taxman Fails to Collect £35 Billion

Taxman fails to collect a massive £35 Billion owing in unpaid taxes and even attempts to justify its failings by announcing that the amount of unpaid tax not being collected has in fact fallen over the last six years.

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Unions Avoid Paying Corporation Tax Bill

Unions Avoid Paying Corporation Tax – after the unions admonished the likes of Google, Starbucks and Amazon it now turns out that the Unions are avoiding paying their fair share of corporation tax.

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Google CEO Eric Schmidt Meets Cameron but PM Refuses to Question Schmidt on Tax Avoidance

Google CEO meets with David Cameron as part of the elite Business Advisory Group but fails to find the backbone needed to question him over Google’s tax avoidance practices.

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Amazon Under Attack for Tax Avoidance

Amazon comes under attack for tax avoidance as records show that from £4 billion in sales just £2.5 million was handed over in corporation tax as Amazon uses every tax loophole available to avoid its tax liability.

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