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Tag "corruption"

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GSK Systematically Bribed Doctors in China

BBC – Allegations that pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) systematically bribed doctors in China are credible, says an investigator hired by the firm.

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Nicolas Sarkozy Placed Under Investigation

BBC – Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy has placed under formal investigation over alleged influence peddling.

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General Xu Caihou Accused of Corruption

BBC – One of China’s most senior military officials, General Xu Caihou, has been accused of accepting bribes and expelled from the Communist Party, state media report.

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Bogus Documents Opening Doors to UK Citizenship

DAILY MAIL – A Mail investigation has uncovered corruption where bogus documents are issued allowing immigrants access to UK citizenship.

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Nick Clegg Promises to Clean Up the House of Lords After Latest Scandal

Nick Clegg promises to clean up the House of Lords after the last wave of corruption and bribery but considering Clegg’s track record should he really be the one to point the finger at other wrong-doers?

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Will the Thai Economy Collapse Under the Strain of Greed and Corruption?

Many believe that unless the Thai Government is able to stamp out or heavily reduce corruption, Thailand could well sink under the weight of its own greed.

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Britain Restructuring Foreign Aid to Eradicate Corruption

Britain is to restructure Foreign Aid in order to eradicate corruption and the squandering of the taxpayers money; but how realistic are their plans?

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Thai Police Caught in the Act

Two Thai Police officers are caught red handed demanding money from a shop owner. The protection money, according to the officers is their boss the Police Commissioner.

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Corruption Saturates Asia Stifling Economic Growth

Corruption is stifling economic development and growth in most Asian countries and while public perception deems this acceptable the level of greed increases and the social divide widens.

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