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Drug Criminals Walking Free

Fewer than half of all violent crimes were resolved in 2011, but over 7 million people are serving time in U.S. prisons, however the majority of prisoners were arrested on drug charges, and 81 percent of those are in prison for simple possession.

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Lung Cancer Cure Breakthrough

DAILY MAIL – Extraordinary new drugs have cleared tumours that have spread throughout lung cancer patients’ whole bodies, scientists say.

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Finding a Solution to the War on Drugs

It’s obvious we are losing the war on drugs; in fact the war on drugs has never had any significant impact on the cartels, smugglers, dealers and certainly not the addict. So what’s the solution? Should we explore alternatives in order to reduce the social ills of illegal drugs?

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Prisoners at Ford Open Prison Politely Asked Not to Take Drugs

Public outrage and astonishment is being vented after a story broke that Prisoners at Ford Open Prison have received a letter that politely asks them not to take drugs.

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Psychiatrists Creating New Disorders to Boost Profits for the Pharmaceutical Companies

Are Psychiatrists creating new disorders without any scientific evidence in order to boost profits for the Pharmaceutical giants? Evidence would suggest this to be the case.

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