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Tag "Economic Recovery"

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Britain Heading for Full Economic Recovery Declares Bank of England

Britain’s economic recovery is moving full steam ahead according to the Bank of England. Here we examine the economic recovery and ask whether it’s merely being built on personal and Government debt.

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George Osborne Claims Economic Recovery Will Make People Far Better Off

George Osborne declares that Government policies continue to fuel Britain’s economic recovery and as such by the time of the 2015 General Election the economic recovery will put an extra £600 back into the pockets of the taxpayer.

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Clegg Claims Miliband is Praying for Economic Collapse in Order to Win the General Election

Economic Collapse… that’s what Ed Miliband wants leading up to the next election according to Nick Clegg. Mr. Clegg now appears to be playing the blame game and here we look at the economic situation and the game Nick Clegg is playing.

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Nick Clegg Feels an EU Exit Would Ruin Economic Recovery

Nick Clegg’s New Year’s statement has vilified both UKIP and the Tory Party as they support an EU exit that would prevent and economic recovery.

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