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Ed Miliband Declares that Britain Will Embrace Onshore Wind Farms if Labour Wins Election

Ed Miliband has declared that building more wind farms across the UK will become a reality if Labour is voted into power in the 2015 General Election.

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Clegg Claims Miliband is Praying for Economic Collapse in Order to Win the General Election

Economic Collapse… that’s what Ed Miliband wants leading up to the next election according to Nick Clegg. Mr. Clegg now appears to be playing the blame game and here we look at the economic situation and the game Nick Clegg is playing.

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Could Ed Miliband Become Prime Minister by Default?

Could Ed Miliband Become Prime Minister by Default? That is what the Tories are now suggesting if people continue to support UKIP in both the EU and next General Election.

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Ed Miliband Thinks He Can Rule Like Margaret Thatcher

Ed Miliband has declared that he will rule with a rod of iron like Margaret Thatcher if elected in 2015. I’m not convinced it’ll be a rod of iron but more like a curtain considering his Marxist ideology.

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Miliband Promises a Different Labour Party if Elected in the Next General Election

Miliband, or Red Ed as we now see him, has announced that it will take a Left-Wing approach and its manifesto will involve spending more if he is elected in 2015

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