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Is the EDL Really a Fascists and Racists Organisation the Left-Wing Suggests?

EDL, or English Defence League, is it really a fascist and racist organisation run by thugs who want white supremacy to rule Britain? That is of course what is peddled by the left-wing but here we take a closer look and ask you to form your own educated opinion.

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Britain’s Holy Turf War: Muslim and Christian Patrols

With the rise of Muslim Patrols on the streets of Britain this has given rise to the far-right Christian Patrols. Here we examine the cultural issues and ask if either side has validity in their religious ideologies.

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Anonymous Hacker Group Threatens the EDL with Exposure of their White Supremacy Agenda

Today the Anonymous Hacker Group threatens the EDL with exposure of their racial hatred by listing telephone numbers of senior EDL members in an attempt to curb their racial hatred and bigotry.

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Former Head of MI5 Proposes We all Spy on Our Neighbours

Former Head of MI5, Dame Stella Rimington, suggests that we should all spy on our neighbours in the fight against terrorism. Is this a logical option or will it simply create paranoia in the UK?

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Hundreds of English Defence League Supporters Hit Woolwich Streets in Aftermath of Woolwich Islamic Terrorist Muder

Hundreds of English Defence League supporters took to the street of Woolwich in protest of yesterday’s Muslim terrorist murder on a young British soldier. Many incidences of attacks on Mosques around the country are being reported.

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