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Failure to Protect Girls from Female Genital Mutilation is an Ongoing National Scandal

THE GUARDIAN – The failure of successive governments to protect vulnerable girls from female genital mutilation is an “ongoing national scandal”, according to a report by MPs published on Thursday.

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Richard Dawkins: Science Fact Versus Religious Belief

Richard Dawkins asks whether science fact is being sacrificed in the classrooms so as not to offend multicultural British society and more importantly the religious beliefs of the children attending school.

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Education Secretary States that All Schools Must Promote British Values

THE GUARDIAN – Michael Gove, the education secretary, has seized on a finding by Ofsted that a “culture of fear and intimidation” existed in some Birmingham schools by announcing that the government will require all 20,000 primary and secondary schools to “promote British values”.

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Downing Street Launches Snap Ofsted Visits after Schools Extremism Claims

THE GUARDIAN – Downing Street has ordered a system of snap inspections in response to allegations that a cluster of schools in Birmingham are under the influence of Islamist extremists.

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Bill Whittle Tackles the Issues of Education

In this video Bill Whittle assumes the role of President of the United States and discusses his policies for far more productive education system. You might as why it takes a citizen to see the obvious where a politician simply complicates a system that ultimately produces no real benefits.

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