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Outrage Over Al Jezeera Journalists Jailed in Egypt

AL JAZEERA – An Egypt court has sentenced two Al Jazeera journalists to seven years in jail and one to 10 years, triggering international outrage and condemnation of what many described as an “unjust verdict”.

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Three Al Jazeera Journalists Convicted in Egypt

CNN – Three Al Jazeera English journalists were convicted Monday of aiding the Muslim Brotherhood in a ruling that immediately outraged journalists and activists around the world.

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Egyptian Court Upholds 183 Death Sentences

CNN – An Egyptian court upheld the death sentences against Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Badie and 182 of the group’s supporters Saturday.

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Egypt: Energy Crisis

Clayton Swisher from Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit explores the corrupt deals that plunged Egypt into an energy crisis and now leave it facing dependency on Israel.

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Andrew C. McCarthy on the Arab Spring

ENCOUNTER BOOKS – The first fundamental truth about the “Arab Spring” is that there never was one. The salient fact of the Middle East, the only one, is Islam.

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