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Desmond Tutu Plea for ‘Assisted Dying’ Before Historic Lords Debate

THE GUARDIAN – Desmond Tutu, one of the world’s most eminent religious leaders, has made an extraordinary intervention in the debate over assisted death, by backing the right of the terminally ill to end their lives in dignity.

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Call to Let Doctors Help Terminally Ill Patients Die

THE GUARDIAN – Doctors should be able to help terminally ill patients end their lives days or weeks before they die, one of the leaders of Britain’s medical profession has urged.

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Transsexual Dies by Euthanasia After Sex Op Goes Wrong

Nathan Verhels, a transsexual, was granted this request for euthanasia in Belgium after his sex change operations went wrong. Again euthanasia is being debated as to whether people should be allowed to die through assisted suicide.

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Husband Goes All Out to Ensure Wife Suffering from Dementia is Comfortable in New Home

When one man discovers his wife is suffering from Dementia he pulls out all the stops to ensure their house move is complete stress free. Read this remarkable story.

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Should Assisted Suicide be Made Legal?

Should we allow for the legalisation of Assisted Suicide or is it immoral to allow people to take their own lives? This debate looks at two sides with advocates both for and against such a law.

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