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Cover Model Experiment: See the Transformation

Want to be a Cover Model? This video takes three women and with a little bit of modelling industry magic turn them into cover models; the results however, in terms of their perceptions, may just shock you.

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Wearing a Scarf: A Diverse Fashion Statement

Wearing a scarf certainly is one way to make a fashion statement to any item of clothing you choose to wear. Wearing a scarf is also diverse throughout the sexes and can be very well utilised by men, women and children.

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Pants Down Fashion Will Get You Fined in Terrebonne Parish Louisiana

Terrebonne Parish in Louisiana have answered public calls over the fashion statement of young guys wearing their pants almost around their knees – PULL THEM UP.

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3D Animal T Shirts

Take a look at these incredible 3D Animal T Shirts. Once you get a look you’re going to want one, I guarantee it.

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