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Alternative Media: Everyone Has the Right to be Heard

Alternative Media, berate it if you must but ultimately in a democratic society it is essential that every voice, whether we agree with it or not, must be heard and must be respected. Such provides for greater debate that should allow us to learn more and appreciate another point of view with the prospect of benefiting society as a whole.

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Why is David Cameron So Desperate to Control the Press?

The question as to why David Cameron want to control the Press is an obvious one. With the growing number of politicians and those in public office engaging in all manner of criminality the ability would once and for all allow the critics to be silenced and the public to remain blissfully ignorant.

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Newspapers say NO to Control the Free Press

Newspapers say NO to Control the Free Press as government figures try to force regulations on controlling the press that will almost certainly prevent them from reporting the news openly.

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Coalition Members Attempting for Force Through Legislation to Gag the Free Press

Miliband and Clegg form an alliance in order to force the Prime Minister to stand down and allow the creation of legislation that will finally gag the free press.

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Freedom of Press: Not in the UK

The Home Office is to change the law so that Freedom of Press is restricted. The UK Government takes another step towards creating a North Korean State.

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House of Lords Takes Steps to Kill Freedom of the Press

Now the House of Lords has voted to draft legislation, within the recommendations of the Leverson report, the Freedom of the Press is being threatened with dictatorship.

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European Union Wants Full Control Over Journalism

It has been announced that the European Union now want full control over the press – even having the ability to sack journalists. State control? Or a measure to protect us?

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American Hypocrisy on Freedom of Speech

American American Hypocrisy on Freedom of Speech on Freedom of Speech – Funny how Americans like to talk about Freedom of Speech but don’t like it when a foreigner has a view of their country.

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Free Speech: Is It Acceptable to Insult Someone?

Free Speech – Is it really acceptable to insult someone? A look into what makes an insult and how it affects people and whether we should be allowed to do so.

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