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Will the Chilcot Inquiry Whitewash Tony Blair?

It has been decided that the years late Chilcot Inquiry into the war in Iraq and whether or not Tony Blair’s action were illegal, will NOT publish all the letters between Tony Blair and former US President George W. Bush.

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John Major: Blair Should Ask Chilcot Inquiry to Publish Letters

THE GUARDIAN – Tony Blair should ask the Chilcot inquiry to publish his correspondence with George Bush about the Iraq war, as releasing only the “gist and quotes” will allow suspicions to fester, Sir John Major has said.

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Chilcot Inquiy: U.S Loses Vital Letters Between George W. Bush and Tony Blair

DAILY MAIL – CHILCOT INQUIRY: A personal letter written by Tony Blair to George Bush backing his plan to wage war on Iraq has reportedly ‘gone missing’ from the official Presidential library – as pressure grows on the former Prime Minister to sanction the release of the private notes he wrote to Mr Bush.

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Chilcot Inquiry: Blair Letters Holding Up Publication

Chilcot Inquiry: Ministers accuse Tony Blair as being the architect in the constant delays for publishing the Chilcot Inquiry; Mr. Blair continues to deny this to be the case.

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