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Google Predictive Search Under Fire Over SICK Results

Google predictive search has come under fire from a number of parent groups and government over more vile content that our children can be easily exposed to including a woman being beheaded.

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Are Webmasters Abandoning Google Due to its Excessive Control of the Internet?

With Google being found guilty of manipulating its search results in favour of its own services are webmasters abandoning Google in order to find a better deal with SEO?

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Google Declares Sweeping Changes in Search to Avoid EU Fines

In order to avert huge fines Google has agreed to sweeping changes to its search engine practices that will allow fair competition of its competitors after the EU Commission’s investigation concluded that Google is manipulating its search results to promote its own services.

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EU Investigation Discovers Google DOES Manipulate Search Results for its Own Benefit

The EU Commission has determined that Google DOES manipulate its search results for its own benefit and now Google is having to bow to regulatory pressure to avoid prosecution and large fines.

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Google Search: Is Google Squeezing Out Its Competitors?

Google Search: Is Google Squeezing Out Its Competitors? More and more online businesses are feeling the pressure from the Google Search Algorithms, while Google appears unaffected.

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