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Russia Attacks US Oil and Gas Companies in Massive Hack

CNN – The cyber operation nicknamed Energetic Bear is the latest example of an ongoing battle between all-seeing American and British cyber spies on one side — and intellectual-property-stealing hackers in China and Russia on the other.

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Hacking: The Age of Internet Terrorism

Video exploring the darker side to hacking; cyber terrorism and the threat it poses to government and the financial systems.

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eBay Users Urged to Change Passwords After Cyber Attack

THE GUARDIAN – Auction site eBay has urged users to change their passwords after suffering what may have been the biggest-ever cyber-attack when hackers broke into a database holding its 233m customers’ personal data.

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Cyber Criminals Attacking Users on the Rise

According to a recent study cryber criminals are targeting even more online users; here we reveal what cyber criminals are doing and how to prevent becoming victim.

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China and the US Agree to Talks on Cyber Espionage

China and the US have agreed to talk, for the first time, on Cyber Espionage but the first round will tackle ‘corporate secrets’ and not cyber espionage targeted at US military secrets.

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Aviation Fears as Hacker Says He Can Take Over a Commercial Airplane with an App

Aviation fears grew last night as developer and commercial airline pilot, Hugo Teso, has announced in a conference that he has developed a Smartphone App that could take control of an aircraft from the ground. This is raising security fears across the industry.

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Still Wondering Why You Need Security Software?

If you were still wondering why you need security software for your computer then this article gives you a number of very good reasons.

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