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Halal – Sickening Slaughter of Animals Continues Unchallenged

Once again the production of Halal meat is in the news as those slaughtering animals continue to do so in a fashion that is widely considered barbaric but remains largely unchallenged.

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Imam Declares Muslims Should be Appalled by the Sale of Halal Meat by Stealth

With the almost stealth infiltration of Halal Meat within our supermarkets, schools and homes many feel Halal meat is being forced upon us. In a remarkable article by Dr. Taj Hargey, a Muslim and Imam he states that this practices is misguided and indeed wholly unnecessary.

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Millions of British Households Eating Halal Meat without Knowing

How do you know if you are consuming Halal Meat? According to the Daily Mail millions of British households are eating Halal Meat without knowing. In this article we examine why this is happening and what we must do to prevent its continuation if we as a nation find the practice wholly unacceptable.

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200 UK  Subway Stores Remove Bacon After Demands from Muslims

The fast food giant, Subway, has announced that some 200 of it stores no longer sell bacon or ham in the UK due to demands from Muslim communities. Subway as also stated that it will comply with the supply of meat using Halal practices.

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