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Cameron Calls to Allow HMRC to Raid Bank Accounts

David Cameron is now calling for powers that would effectively allow the HMRC to raid bank accounts of those to avoid paying tax. From the outset the working class might view this as an admirable step but the consequences of such powers could in fact bankrupt Britain.

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Bernie Ecclestone Accused of £1 Billion Tax Avoidance Scheme

Bernie Ecclestone as been accused of tax avoidance and further that the HMRC after a 9 year investigation that failed to conclude his tax affairs they offered him a deal to pay just £10 million.

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Paying Taxes Increasingly Looks Like a Government Scam

With the increasing level of higher taxation and forcing working families in to paying taxes it is increasing looking like the a Government scam but a scam that most of us are unable to avoid; unlike the large corporations.

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