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Theresa May Vows Child Abuse Inquiry Will Take on the Establishment

THE GUARDIAN – A soul-searching national inquiry into how authorities may have ignored systematic child abuse in some of Britain’s most eminent institutions was launched by the home secretary.

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Tebbit Hints at Sex Abuse Cover-Up as Pressure over Missing Files Intensifies

THE GUARDIAN – Lord Tebbit has said he believes there may have been a political cover-up of child abuse allegations against politicians in the 1980s as Theresa May came under pressure to explain how the Home Office lost or destroyed more than 100 files related to accusations of organised paedophilia.

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Child Abuse Files Lost at Home Office Spark Fears of Cover-Up

THE GUARDIAN – A dossier compiled by an MP detailing allegations of a 1980s Westminster paedophile ring is one of more than 100 potentially relevant Home Office files destroyed, lost or missing, it has emerged.

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Home Office Threatens to Deport 7 Year Old

Yes the Home Offices threatens to deport a 7 year old boy and yet doesn’t appear to have the ability to deport known terrorists and criminals. Can our Government really sink any lower.

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British Police to Set Up Crime Busting Unit in Poland

British police, under the National Crime Agency are to set up a Crime Busting Unit in Poland in order to tackle the every growing problem of Polish criminal gangs operating in the UK.

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Home Secretary to Break Up Border Agency

Theresa May, the British Home Secretary has announced that the UK Borders Agency is to be disbanded and administration handed back to the Home Office where ministers will directly oversee the handling of immigration.

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