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Osborne Hands Greater Power to Bank of England to Prevent Housing Market Crash

THE GUARDIAN – George Osborne is to give the Bank of England sweeping new powers to control the size of mortgages amid fears that rapidly rising house prices risk becoming a bubble that would threaten Britain’s economic recovery.

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Bank of England to Rein in Governments Help to Buy Scheme

The Bank of England is now taking measure to rein in the Governments Help to Buy scheme for first-time buyers as housing market prices continue to rise and threaten economic recovery. Here we examine the issues of Britain’s failing economy despite what the Government might tell you.

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Cameron Set to Trigger Dangerous Surge in House Prices

Is David Cameron about to trigger a dangerous surge in house prices? The new ‘Help to Buy’ scheme for first-time buyers is about to be rolled out three months ahead of schedule as Tory flounders in the latest polls.

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