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Bogus Documents Opening Doors to UK Citizenship

DAILY MAIL – A Mail investigation has uncovered corruption where bogus documents are issued allowing immigrants access to UK citizenship.

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Is Illegal Immigration Destroying America?

Illegal Immigration; it is a subject that is highly contended across the western hemisphere. In this video Bill Whittle talks exclusively on the issues of illegal immigration in America and the damage it is going.

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Over 2 Million British Passports Handed Out Since 2000

Since the year 2000 over 2 million British Passports have been handed to foreign nationals and this year alone that figure has exceeded 200,000. With the current level it is clear that Britain must start taking measures to reduce this number.

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Being Overrun by Immigrants and a Government that Truly Does Not Care

Britain is being overrun by immigrants and the Government simply does not care. Cameron’s propaganda is merely rhetoric in an attempt at being re-elected in 2015. When will the British people wake up?

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Cameron Opens Immigration Doors Even Wider

Now David Cameron wants to take the doors off immigration to allow Indian Students ease of entry into the UK Universities, with the right live and work in the UK after graduating.

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Britain Needs to Close Its Borders Now

Britain Needs to Close Its Borders Now – On January 1st 2014 the new ‘Freedom of Movement’ comes into effect which will allow up to 29m Immigrants take up residence in the UK.

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