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Tag "Immigration"

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The Truth About Immigration

What is the truth about immigration; how bad is it for Britain and can we create the multicultural cohesive community the politicians so badly crave?

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Lib Dem MP Thinks Flooding the UK with Migrants is a Good Idea

Yes, Mr Jeremy Browne, Liberal Democrat MP, feels that flooding the UK with migrants is a good idea and that come January 2014 the multicultural utopia will become a reality.

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Over 500,000 Immigrants Given Social Housing But Brits are Forced to Wait

As more and more British people are waiting on the social housing list there have been over 500,000 migrants given social housing as a priority. What will happen come 2014 when the doors are finally removed from our borders.

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Immigration Lies by the Labour Party Reveal this WAS all Engineered

Lord Mandelson reveals the immigration lies by the Labour Party that continues to allow the UK to be flooded with those seeking life on welfare and crime in the UK.

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Are We Racists for Wanting to Talk Openly About Immigration?

Why can we not talk openly about immigration? This is not about being a racist, this has nothing to do with the colour of a persons skin, it is simply about whether we can integrate in harmony.

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Now the Lib Dems Tell Immigrants that Housing and Health Care is Only Available if they have Paid Taxes

The Lib Dems tells immigrants that the UK is NOT a soft touch and is NOT a place for those seeking an easy life at the expense of the taxpayer. As UKIP support surges the Government now scramble to make changes to appease the British public.

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UK Immigration Fails Again as it Lets in Convicted Rapist

The UK Immigration fails again as convicted rapist Gintas Burinskas, 36, from Lithuania is permitted entry and then rapes a woman within weeks of his arrival.

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White Working Classes Are Alienated Says MP Frank Field

Frank Field MP feels that the Labour Party have lost touch with the White Working Classes and that the White Working Classes should attend foreign immigration ceremonies so as to reconnect with British Society.

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Government Fails to Answer Questions on Right of Free Movement Immigration

The Government, in a recent report, has again failed to answer the question over the Right of Free Movement – how many Romanians and Bulgarians will flock to the UK?

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Why the UK Needs a Referendum on Immigration

The UK Governments repeated attempts to deport criminals in nothing less than a farce to democracy – it is now time a referendum on immigration was give to uphold our right to a democratic society.

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