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Tag "Jean-Claude Juncker"

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Nigel Farage: Democracy Simply Cannot Exist in the EU

EXPRESS – EU – This is the session in which the 751 newly elected MEPs vote in a secret ballot to approve the appointment of Jean-Claude Juncker as Commission President, one of the most powerful jobs in the EU.

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Juncker Would Let Britain Take Back Powers While Staying in EU

THE GUARDIAN – Jean-Claude Juncker has insisted he will not seek to block British efforts to claw back powers from Brussels despite David Cameron’s failed bid to prevent him becoming president of the European commission.

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Nigel Farage Condemns David Cameron for Failing to Stop Jean-Claude Juncker

UKIP party leader Nigel Farage on Conservative PM David Cameron losing the arguments in Brussels to stop Jean-Claude Juncker from being unelected president of the EUSSR. Played a game of poker, and badly lost (it was very easy to win too).

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Cameron Defeated as Brussels Elects Juncker for Top EU Job

CNN – Jean-Claude Juncker is a step closer to becoming the next president of the European Commission after EU leaders approved his nomination, despite strong opposition from Britain.

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Britain One Step Close to EU Exit After EU Backs Juncker

THE GUARDIAN – David Cameron took Britain closer to the exit door of the European Union last night following a tumultuous EU summit at which his fellow leaders inflicted a crushing defeat on the prime minister by nominating Jean-Claude Juncker for one of the most powerful jobs in Brussels.

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Britain’s Future in EU Bleak if Juncker Appointed European Commission President

THE GUARDIAN – A failure by European leaders to embrace reform will result in “very bleak” prospects for Britain’s continued membership of the EU, Iain Duncan Smith said on Sunday as David Cameron prepared to launch a last-ditch attempt to block Jean-Claude Juncker from becoming the next European commission president.

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Cameron Accused of Blackmail Over EU Power Struggle

THE GUARDIAN – David Cameron was accused on Sunday of blackmail and threats as his attempts to stop Jean-Claude Juncker becoming president of the European commission put him at the centre of a power struggle for control of the European Union.

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Cameron Threatens to Quit EU Over EU Presidency Row

BBC – German magazine Der Spiegel says British PM David Cameron warned that the UK could leave the EU if Luxembourg ex-PM Jean-Claude Juncker became president of the European Commission.

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Row Brews as Angela Merkel Backs Juncker as EU Chief

BBC – German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said she wants former Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker to become the next EU Commission president.

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