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Is Terrorist Legislation Working

Is Terrorist Legislation Working? We’ve seen it time and time again; Muslim protesters calling for the deaths of innocent people when their religious ideology is in some way offended.

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The Video Muslims Do NOT Want You See

This is the video Muslims do not want you to see. It’s how they conduct the greatest atrocity known to man; by teaching children to hate to a point they are happy to become martyrs.

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Infiltration of Jihad into Western Society

A look at how Jihad has infiltrated the West and persuaded governments to enact laws in order to prevent people from speaking out against Muslims, Jihad and their fight to turn the West into an Islamic state.

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Islamic Jihad: The Terror Within Our Walls

Islamic Jihad – As more news, on a daily basis, enlightens us to the atrocities of Islam and the Jihad movement are we really safe and are we simply allowing Islamic Terrorist to openly admonish our way of life and allow them to systematically murder us?

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