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Journalism – Is it Just a Trusted Scam?

Journalism – From Stalin to Obama, the mainstream media’s history of bias leaves us asking: Who can handle the truth? Andrew Breitbart’s newest venture, Big Journalism, arrives just in time — as Bill Whittle explains in the latest Afterburner.

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Is Journalism Fuelling Our Depression?

Are we really tired of journalism? Is journalism fuelling our depression? What is so terrible about personalised journalism? Journalism is about giving the facts but what ever happened to someone’s personal opinion?

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Silencing the Journalists and Critics

Meebal.com gets attacked by journalists and critics who obviously don’t like the idea that people should freely express their opinions. Without the right to freely express and opinion what will we become? Slaves to mainstream state run journalism?

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Challenging the Integrity of the Media

Should we now challenge the integrity of the media? Should the integrity of the media be subject to legislation? Here’s my take on journalism and the integrity of the media.

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