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Justin Bieber Facing Possible Deportation

Justin Bieber is now facing deportation as over 100,000 people signed an online petition to have him removed from the U.S and his Green Card revoked.

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Justin Bieber the Ultimate Moronic Delinquent

Just when you think Justin Bieber couldn’t be more vile he’s videoed urinating in a bucket in a restaurant and then heard on camera to say ‘F*** Bill Clinton’. Will Justin Bieber ever learn to control himself or is his personality change due to drug abuse?

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Justin Bieber Suspected of Being High on Drugs in Instragram Video

Pop idol, Justin Bieber, has been accused of being high on drugs in an instragram video that went wrong. Fans noted on Twitter that Justin Bieber clearly appeared ‘stoned’ as he tried to make a video message for his fans.

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Justin Bieber Causes Outrage Over Anne Frank House Visit

Justin Bieber is once again in the doghouse due to a rather egotistical presumption in a guestbook message at the Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam.

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Justin Bieber NOT Welcome Here Says Austrian Nightclub

Justin Bieber has been thrown out of yet another nightclub and the owners have confirmed that Justin Bieber is not welcome in the nightclub again.

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Bieber Demands Pet Monkey Flies with Him to Munich

Justin Bieber is once again in the news, for all the wrong reasons, as he attempt to bring his pet monkey into Germany without the proper paperwork. Bieber is said to be furious after German Customs Officials quarantined the monkey.

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Justin Bieber Lashes Out at Photographers

Yet another incident with Justin Bieber, this time lashing out at photographers. With a foul mouthed rant and I happy I don’t have teenage daughters who idolize this idiot.

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Justin Bieber Treats Fans with Complete and Utter Contempt

Many fans believe that Justin Bieber treats fans with complete and utter contempt after his stunt of arriving 2 hours late on stage and is then booed for his actions.

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