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Tag "Labour Party"

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UKIP Support Plummets to Push Tories Back into the Lead

THE GUARDIAN – UKIP support has plunged back from its high point of the European elections, giving a boost to all the established Westminster parties and pushing the Tories into the lead, according to a new Guardian/ICM poll.

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Private Rail Firms to Face Franchise Fight with State Under Labour Plan

THE GUARDIAN – Labour is to raise the prospect of further parts of the rail network being taken back into public ownership when it announces plans to subject franchises to a competitive bid between the state and private sector as they come up for renewal.

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Labour Frontbenchers to Force Ed Miliband to Resign if Labour Loses General Election

THE GUARDIAN – Ed Miliband is to be told by Labour frontbenchers that he will have to resign as leader if he loses the general election next year, as they move to prevent him following the example of Neil Kinnock by leading the party to two consecutive defeats.

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Labour Uses Nick Clegg Broken Promises in New Campaign Ad

The Labour Party has released a new campaign advertisement featuring Nick Clegg and one where he talks about broken promises. Such a message is set to resonate with the British electorate.

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Is Ed Miliband Really Capable of Running Britain?

With the 2015 General Election just one year away Ed Miliband finds himself in a precarious position. The mainstream media is reporting that whilst the public like the policies of Ed Miliband they are not sure he has the persona or intelligence to be Prime Minister.

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Labour Election TV Ad Campaign: Lame at Best

The Labour Party has just release its Election campaign advertisement and it has to be one of the worst we’ve ever witnessed. Lame is the one word but clearly this TV advertisement clearly lacks any substance in offering a future for Britain.

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Labour Plans to Create the Ultimate Nanny State

It has been revealed that Ed Miliband, if elected to power in 2015, will work towards the ultimate Nanny State so that UK citizens are denied a choice; effectively killing more of the little democracy the UK has remaining.

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Unbridled Truth of Labours Immigration Policy Unfolds

Labours Immigration Policy Unfolds – With the Right of Free Movement upon us more of the truth is revealed. Now that we know the truth isn’t it about time we put a stop to the onslaught of economic refugees bankrupting Britain?

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Labour Finally Admits it Got it WRONG on Immigration

Despite Tony Blair standing is ground on his immigration policies Labour finally admits that it did get it wrong on immigration and that the Right of Free Movement will most likely have a devastating effect on Britain.

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Ed Miliband Vows to Take State Control of Companies if Necessary

It has been announced that Ed Miliband vows to take state control of companies, if he is elected in 2015, if necessary. What ‘necessary’ actually means has not yet been determined but what is clear is that his ideology of a socialist regime could spell the end of Britain.

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