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Nick Clegg the Turncoat Politician

Once again the public bear witness that Nick Clegg will turn turncoat to any political affiliation providing it preserves his over-paid job. Maybe it’s time Nick Clegg moved to another profession other than the political arena.

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UKIP Support Plummets to Push Tories Back into the Lead

THE GUARDIAN – UKIP support has plunged back from its high point of the European elections, giving a boost to all the established Westminster parties and pushing the Tories into the lead, according to a new Guardian/ICM poll.

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NHS: Liberal Democrats Demand £2 Billion Bailout for NHS

THE GUARDIAN – An emergency bailout of £2bn is needed to plug a black hole in NHS funding, Liberal Democrat sources claim, as a leading doctor called the Government’s plans for extended seven-day care as “just bonkers”.

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Labour Uses Nick Clegg Broken Promises in New Campaign Ad

The Labour Party has released a new campaign advertisement featuring Nick Clegg and one where he talks about broken promises. Such a message is set to resonate with the British electorate.

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You Would Laugh if it wasn’t so Tragic for Britain

Once again we see just how divided the Coalition has become and why Britain’s most pressing issues have never truly been addressed. This would be so funny if it wasn’t so tragic for Britain.

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Nick Clegg Eyes Up Another Term as Deputy Prime Minister

Nick Clegg remains adamant that the Liberal Democrats won’t prop up either the Tories or Labour if they fail to secure a majority victory in the next General Election. If either want his support he will accept nothing less than another Coalition Government.

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