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Progressive Politics: You Are a Racist – Full Stop

Progressive Politics, is it really progressive in bringing society together or is it an insidious plan to silence the masses to allow the progressives to rule without contention? Here Pat Condell talks about progressive politics.

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If You Do Not Support the Liberal Left-Wing View then Please Shut Up

It appears the more we try to voice our concerns the Liberal Left-Wing steps in and tells us to ‘Shut Up’. Will you conform to their policies or should we all have a voice?

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Are We a Progressive Society and What Does it Actually Mean?

How progressive do you think Western society is and do you think that a progressive society is the way forward if we are to live in a multicultural society?

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Liberals Apologising for Evil Says Pat Condell

Pat Condell talks about the Liberals and how they are apologising for the evils in the world. Racism, as he points out, has little to do with social problems, the real problems lie in religion.

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