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The Hypocrisy Over Gaza and Hamas

With the recent conflict between Israel and Hamas, over Gaza, we once again look at views of those on the outside looking in; in this instance Pat Condell gives his take on the hypocrisy over Gaza and defends Israel for taking action to defend itself from yet another wave of attacks from Hamas.

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Tony Blair: Conflict of Interest in the Middle East

THE GUARDIAN – Iraq’s latest bloody crisis and its links to the 2003 war brought Tony Blair back into the headlines this week, along with calls for him to step down as a Middle East peace envoy – but new evidence has emerged that his private business interests in the ever-volatile region are expanding.

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Mers Continues to Spread Globally

GULF NEWS – The MERS virus first detected in mass numbers in Saudi Arabia has been seen in isolated cases around the globe including the US, The Netherlands, Lebanon, Egypt, Iran and Jordan. It has also now claimed two lives in Algeria.

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Problem with the Middle East in a Nut Shell

Do you know the root causes of the problems in the Middle East? Here are two short videos that sum up the problems in the Middle East in a nut shell.

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