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Tag "Military Coup"

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Thai Troops Deployed Throughout Bangkok to Prevent Anti-Coup Demonstrations

BBC – Thousands of police and soldiers have been deployed around the Thai capital, Bangkok, to try to prevent anti-coup protesters from gathering.

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Thailand: Coup Leader Says No Elections to be Held for at Least One Year

BBC – The leader of Thailand’s military coup has said elections will not be held for more than a year, to allow time for political reconciliation and reform.

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Thailand’s ex-PM Yingluck Shinawatra Freed from Custody

CNN – Former Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra is no longer in military custody, according to a highly placed source in the junta that took over Thailand in a coup d’etat last week.

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Thailand Crackdown Continues After Military Coup

BBC – Thailand: Military has ordered 35 more people, including prominent academics, to report to them by Saturday afternoon as the post-coup crackdown continues.

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Thai Crown Prince Takes Refuge in Five Star Hampshire hotel

DAILY MAIL – While his country is reeling from a military coup, the heir to the throne of Thailand is hiding out in a five-star hotel in a quiet village in Hampshire.

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US Suspends Aid to Thailand in Wake of Military Coup

BBC – The US has suspended $3.5m (£2.1m) in military aid to Thailand and urged the country’s army to restore civilian rule “immediately”. Washington also urged tourists to cancel trips and halted non-essential visits by US government officials.

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Thai Tourism Expected to Experience Severe Downturn in Wake of Military Coup

CNN – In most capital cities, waking up to images of armed soldiers, military vehicles and blockades on the streets, as the army gears up for what it would later declare a coup, might be cause for alarm.

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Thai Military Takes Over in Yet Another Coup

CNN – Thailand is now under military control — with its Thai military chief in power, its constitution tossed, its political leaders detained, its citizens under martial law — thanks to a coup that capped months of unrest.

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Road to Democracy in Thailand Marred with Color

Thailand marred with color which is preventing democracy from taking hold. Will the ruling elite in Thailand ever find common ground and let democracy prevail?

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