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You’re Enslaved but Worse You’re in Denial

It’s a fact you are enslaved and your denial won’t change that fact but will certainly make it worse. In this video it explores your enslavement and those who enslave you.

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What Really Matters in Life?

What is the most important thing in life? Money? Happiness? Love? This video may just provide the answer.

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US Debt Ceiling Out of Control

The US government will soon have to raise the debt ceiling yet again. This isn’t the first time this has happened, and some conspiracy theorists (or as they like to be called ‘critical thinkers) believe there’s more to the story. In this video the conspiracy is explored, examined and uncovered.

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12 Year Old Girl Talks the Immorality of the Banking System

In this video a 12 year old girl, Victoria Grant, a Canadian national, exposes the immorality of the banking system and why she believes that sound money is essential to the well-being of everyone and stopping human misery.

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History of Wealth in 3 Minutes

History of Wealth – Did you know that throughout the history of the world, the average person on earth has been extremely poor: subsisting on the modern equivalent of $3 per day.

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25 of the Most Expensive Things in the World

If you won the lottery tomorrow…how would you spend the money? There are of course a thousand and one ways you could spend your way through a vast amount of money and in the video below it lists 25 of the worlds most expensive items for sale.

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