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MPs Get a Massive 11 Per Cent Pay Rise

MPs get a massive 11 per cent pay rise as the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority announces that MP salaries will rise from from £66,396 to £74,000 per year.

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Sacking 200 Parliamentary Workers Would Cover the Cost of MP Pay Rise

Sacking 200 Parliamentary workers – that’s what MPs and Ministers were considering in order to justify their up and coming vast pay rise. Once again we clearly see the depths that MPs and Ministers are prepared to go in order to fuel their own greed.

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Sir Ian Kennedy Supports MP Pay Rise

Chief Executive, Sir Ian Kennedy, support the £10,000 MP Pay Rise; but he would as he gets paid £90,000 plus a year by MPs and only works part-time.

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Prime Minister Opposes Pay Rise for MPs

David Cameron has announced that he opposes a pay rise for MPs in what he labels ‘unthinkable’ considering the economic times and the austerity measures being forced on the already over burdened taxpayer.

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